CovidQ, un’app per monitorare i contagi da Coronavirus

Nell’ottica di fornire strumenti sempre più accurati per la gestione dell’epidemia di Covid-19, TMR è lieta di supportare la pubblicazione di un’applicazione per dispositivi Android il cui scopo è il tracciamento dei pazienti in quarantena positivi al Coronavirus. L’applicazione, denominata CovidQ, è stata sviluppata in autonomia

youBike F2 - Bike Sharing Free Floating

TMR accepts challenge of chinese free floating bike sharing

Since the birth of sharing economy, the free floating bike sharing (FFBS) has acquired a central role and its importance has a continuous growth. If a company is prepared for the opportunities, which are given by free floating bike sharing, it can rise up its


TMR is glad to present its new Site. With a completely new layout, suited for both desktop computers and mobile devices, it is much more simple to use it. You’ll find useful informations, journalistic pieces with the most recent news about our company and pictures showing


TMR is proud to announce that since the 15th of December 2016, Palermo has been provided with its efficient bike-sharing system, made up by 37 stations and 420 bikes. Every station is equipped with security cameras, photovoltaic technologies, and all of devices to take and


On Saturday 24th, October 2016, in Gagliano the inauguration of the new bike-sharing system by TMR has been placed. It was the first in Enna district. The system is made up by 3 bike-stations, 30 racks and 24 e-mountain bikes suited for mountain cities. Gagliano bike sharing


On the 19th October 2016, at 10 am, the inauguration of the “Castellana in bici” project has been placed. “Castellana in bici” is a new generation of bike-sharing. You can find 2 bike stations, equipped with 5 racks and 12 bikes. Ufficio Stampa TMR  


Dal Giornale di Sicilia del 17 agosto 2015 – Osvaldo Esposito The business cards 2.0 ZenCard is an eco-friendly app developed by TMR, a company that has achieved important results through the introduction in the market of eco-friendly products. It was carried out in order to replace the usual Business Cards,

FindMyCar – App

From "Giornale di Sicilia"- Technological section Osvaldo Esposito Findmycar, a new, immediate and intuitive app introduced by TMR, will help you locating your car in a fast and easy way. With a single tap, you'll find and register the position of your car with extreme precision and

Bike sharing has arrived in Castel Di Tusa

From "Giornale di Sicilia" - April 2015 - made by GIPA Valle dell'Halaesa is proud to hold the inauguration of the new bike-sharing system by TMR, company from Sant'Agata di Militello, C.da Cuccubello, that has carried out these works. The project, economicaly supported also by the Ministry

Companies and energetic efficiency

Focus: 93% of european companies are involved in project about energetic efficiency. According to the report published by the Sustainable Development Foundation, in collaboration with ENEA, 93% of PMI has carried out measures to improve energetic efficiency These measures have allowed companies to face the economic decline