Companies and energetic efficiency

Focus: 93% of european companies are involved in project about energetic efficiency.

According to the report published by the Sustainable Development Foundation, in collaboration with ENEA, 93% of PMI has carried out measures to improve energetic efficiency

These measures have allowed companies to face the economic decline and its return in markers through some eco-friendly products.

The Italian companies, like other European countries, are involved in new technologies progress in order to promote the new generation companies specilized in energetic efficiency. In 2013, Italy has reached the 12° place in Europe for its eco-innovation. Nowdays, 98% of italian businessmen has a much more efficient use about materials and energies.

Investiments in renewable energies, solutions for energetic efficiency, consideration towards sustainable mobility and biological agricolture are only some of the measures Italy needs to achieve the same results that Germany and the Northern Governments have already reached.