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Technological systems

Advanced solutions for energy saving.

What does it mean?

The TMR is the leader company regarding the technological systems planning and installation. Experience and technological innovation ,aimed to the sustainability of the enviroment, are the guidelines to install our technological systems.

Since 2011, TMR is an E.S.C.O. company (Energy Service COmpany), refering to an energetic services society. Our company is specialized in improving the energetic efficiency of the public and private field through its access to the “Titles of Energetic Efficiency” system. The TMR carries out a great number of eco-friendly projects in the National field obtaining great results in terms of energetic savings. All projects have been followed by TMR high qualified staff whose competence is due to their training and update courses. TMR is the only partner for the customers interested in  the technology systems: from the planning and the materials chooosing, to the final installation, assuring an accurate service in few time and an high efficiency of systems.