New tendencies of Web Design

Web design is about the development and implementation of web sites, starting by their graphical design and personalization.

The graphical design is always influenced by the trends of the moment. These are main trends in 2015 first months:

– At the first place, all users pay attention to the responsive, a common feature in 2014. Today,a lot of website are directly visited by their own smartphone, so it’s impossible to introduce a product that you couldn’t see in these devices. No more confused imagines nor the necessity to change the site completely to obtain the needed informations.

– “Scrolling”, wich replaces “clicking”. It is so important to access to own mobile devices and for this reason it becomes much more simple to scroll the page with a few taps to look for what we need.

– “Ghost buttoms”, that is, buttoms outlined only by thick or thin lines, with no background.

– A new trend of this year is the HTML5 videos. These background-videos will be short, easy to understand and with some explicatory texts above them.

– Finally, the “card design”, that is, all informations in squared or rectangular sections for an easier reading.

These will be the main trends of web-design this year.



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