The best Mobile App in 2014

Mobile Apps have changed our approach towards phones and even about the web. They made much easier to look at informations on the internet, like trains timetables or weather forecast. It is now possible to know everything we need with a few taps.

But which were the best apps in 2014? Starting with those for Android devices, there is here below a list about 63 apps download direcly from google: firstly, “Wunderlist: To do & Lista”, that, with a great design, allows to take notes and write lists.

Moreover, there are apps like”Shazam”, “Groupon” that achieve a great success;”Luminosity”, that challenges and trains our brain, and “Timehop”.

You may click on the link below for the complete list:

And what about Apple ones? Firstly,we find “Replay Video Editor“, elected app of the year, that allows to create incredible videos; runner ups are “Peek – Brain Training” that, like “Luminosity“, allows to challenge and train our brain, “Babbel“, “Runtastic” and “Treccani“.

Regarding Windows Phone, firstly,we find “Gmail“, followed by “One Drive” and “PrintHand“, that allows to print papers directly by our phone.