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Web and Mobile Development

App development for web and mobile device

What does it mean?

The TMR has carried out products and services in the information technology field for over 15 years making its know how avaliable for its costumers. The TMR has reached important success in the software development for both B2B (Business to  business) and B2C (Business to customer) fields , introducing easier products, through technological innovative solutions.

The TMR has developed some apps for web and mobile devices, two fields that require constant updates and continuos researchs in order to obtain important results. Amongst our products, FindMyCar app, avaliable for iOS and Android, had reached 9° position in the general rank among the Italian App for some weeks.


In a world getting smaller and more accessibile each day, all companies need to develop a mobile application to support their business.  TMR, that has already achieved important goals in applications for mobile platforms, is looking for new highest parameters in order to assure greatest quality to mobile applications, developing applications for the 3 most relevant platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) in their native language. Programming in native language allows to create more efficient mobile applications, with an user experience set up specifically for every specific platform.


The TMR, with its 15 years of experience on the field, uses the best technologies for the development of its web applications: from the most simple systems, developed for small business, to the greatest systems, for the management of online archives and interactive services. TMR makes avaliable to the user the best in terms of performances, flexibility and mantainance, taking into consideration the relation between quality-price. TMR has always been up-to-date, following the society evolution, and that is why we choose an accurate graphic connected with a web palnning, in order to give the customers some quality products.