What is youBike?

youBike® is the bike-sharing system developed entirely by TMR. It is suitable for small and big cities, for both traditional  bikes and e-bikes, supplied by clean energy to respect the enviroment.

An important youBike® feature is the application of a simple and intuitive interface, and the use of the most recent and efficient technologies.

How does it work?

In every youBike® station there is a totem equipped with a monitor that will allow the user to check the remaining credit on his card, to receive informations about the system functioning and to locate every bike-station position thanks to the city map.

The user can interact with the system in two ways:

  • Using a radio-frequency card: once the bike is selected, you’ll just need to slide the card on the card-reader to unhook it.
  • Using  the youBike mobile App: the youBike app, that you can download from digital stores (App store and Google Play), allows the user to unhook the bike with a simple tap.

    To return the bike to any bike-station, just hook the bike to the structure.



The youBike® platform allows administrators to have a complete control over the bike-sharing system.
Developed to monitorate every components, the web app is provived with:

  • Profilazione avanzata utenti: gestore, operatore, manutentore;
  • Sistemi di pagamento supportati: PayPal e Banca Sella;
  • Statistics about the total usage by single user;
  • Advanced report system;
  • Total control over single entities;
  • Advanced warning system (remaining credit, connection lack to the station);
  • Price list;
  • Personalized billing system;
  • Secure HTTPS and VPN comunication protocols with AES 256 bit cryptography.

App Mobile

youBike®, that can be download from digital stores (App store, Google Play and, in the near future, on Windows phone store), is the new TMR app that allows the user to enjoy the bike-sharing service.

With few taps, it will be possible to make use of the following functionalities:

  • Bike’s unhooking;
  • Real time availability of every single bike-sharing station;
  • youBike® stations;
  • Details about every single bike-sharing station;
  • GPS with road indications about how to reach every bike-sharing station displaced around the town;
  • Profile details;
  • Charge  your youBike credit;
  • Use different  bike sharing sysstem around the country.