youMove® is a fleet management and sharing platform MAAS compliant, based on IoT,

which promotes sustainable mobility in smart cities, through the integration of sharing services for multiple types of vehicles. An ambitious project, designed to make mobility more accessible and in line with the needs of local areas and companies.


Knowledge platforms and smartphone applications have transformed the use of both public and private transport, the key words are: tailor-made travel, intermodality and sustainability. With youMove®, in fact, we deal with smart mobility in its broadest sense, without neglecting bike sharing.

Mobility as a Service is a type of service that allows users to choose between different travel alternatives, i.e. it is a flexible and on-demand transport model that not only allows easier access to transport, but allows the user to plan, book and pay for their trips in complete autonomy.


The system, developed entirely by TMR, is suitable for small and large territorial realities and guarantees the correct functionality of the vehicles. A peculiar feature of youMove® is the choice of a simple and intuitive interface that incorporates the use of the latest and most effective development technologies.

How it works

youMove® has been designed to ensure maximum simplicity in terms of user experience and for professionals, combining constant research, design and integration of the best technologies suitable for the purpose. A constantly evolving mix of innovation and simplicity, with a specific goal: to promote intermodal mobility of people by integrating sharing services for multiple types of vehicles, promoting sustainable mobility.

Being a fleet management platform, in addition to offering services and information to users and managers, it offers the possibility of sharing and political-managerial harmonization of sustainable mobility strategies, facilitating the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of the services offered.

youMove® manages all the inputs and outputs of the various hardware communicating with the cloud, in order to process a single output, making it available both via API, Application Programming Interface, and via SAAS, Software as a Service.

No magic, just a conscious use of technology and its possible implementations.


Bike sharing

youMove®, like its ancestor youBike which was one of the first hybrid bike sharing systems put on the market in 2013, fully maintains the cloud bike sharing system.

The TMR application is suitable for small and large territorial realities, guarantees the correct functionality of bicycles and is suitable both for the use of traditional, therefore muscular, and pedal assisted bikes, e-bikes.

It includes all the main bike sharing methods:

The Station Based mode provides for the deployment of physical and automated docking stations on the territory, with the function of releasing or receiving the bikes. The stations also make it possible to recharge bicycles during the period of inactivity, through the intelligent hub, minimizing the waste of resources due to the onerous management of battery recharging, preventing the removal of an empty bicycle;
Free Floating is a bike sharing method that provides for the possibility of arranging bicycles on the territory without the direct help of the stations, thus ensuring the possibility of releasing the bikes anywhere, within the boundaries set for the circuit. To unlock a bicycle, you will be guided by the mobile app, using QRCode or selecting via geo-localized map;
Virtual Stations are special locations where bicycles are physically carried and where a physical manager is located. Users are able to make pickup and drop-off reservations at the available slots and the manager is able to approve the various reservations and deliver the bikes. These virtual stations are particularly suitable for extending the bike sharing service to managed structures such as hotels and tourist promotion centers, but also for setting up ad hoc stations to be demobilized immediately after important city events.
All modes are perfectly integrated with each other in the youMove® platform: for example, it is possible to unlock a bicycle from a station and manually return it to an operator of a virtual station. To all this is added the possibility of using a car or a scooter, taking advantage of the single wallet credit.

Scooter, moped and car sharing

The real novelty of youMove®, as mentioned above, is the possibility of sharing different types of vehicles such as scooters and cars or bikes station based. To do this, rental, station or Free Floating mode is used which allows the sharing of multiple vehicles within a boundary set for the circuit.

To unlock a vehicle, simply scan the QRCode with the vehicle app or select it on the map.

It is possible to differ rates, methods of use, categories and every detail related to sharing, directly from the web management system, while for use by users, the mobile app will allow for fluid, integrated and uniform management.


The youMove® management software allows administrators to manage and completely control the fleet management, rental and sharing system.


It is possible to interact with the youMove® platform in three ways:

SAAS access, via web and mobile app (iOS and Android);
API access;
White-label application.
Each access mode allows operators to perform and control a variety of functions:

  • Management of all types of vehicles;
  • Management of all types of sharing, rental or sharing;
  • Vehicle positioning monitoring;
  • Flexible rates based on the category and type of vehicle.
  • Management of areas and stations;
  • User management;
  • Booking management;
  • Vehicle management and categorization;
  • Extensive monitoring and control of vehicle parameters;
  • Override of the main vehicle functions, such as opening the doors and unlocking engine;

App Mobile

youMove® is present in the digital stores (App Store, Google Play Store) with the brand new free TMR app that allows you to make the most of the intermodal sharing service.


In a few taps, through the SAAS access, the user will be able to take advantage of the following features:

  • Unlocking /locking vehicle;
  • Use and management of vehicles;
  • Real-time availability of vehicles;
  • Account and subscription management;
  • Booking management;
  • Autonomous subscription to the service;
  • Wallet management and recharge;
  • Secure communication over HTTPS and VPN with AES 256 bit encryption.


  • Device level, with vehicle tracking and telemetry;
  • Vehicle level with the functions of complete vehicle management, unlocking and locking, notifications;
  • Fleet level in relation to the provisions of the vehicle and areas management.